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Secondary Education Society was legally established under the guidance of jurist, eminent educationists and social workers for the development of education in wide areas. development of distance education on the pattern of Open continuing & Distance Education System and registration . Secondary Education Society,Maharashtra, under SR Act 21-1860. The Board, under Government of India,is Legal Autonomous and nonprofit Institution and has legal right of teaching & training under the provision of constitution. Copies of Bylaws, prospectus, etc. are sent to the various Authorities and Departments of the Government of India/State Governments and Union Territories by the Board from time to time. The area of operation of the Board is wide and extensive all over India. Information centers of examination are situated in almost all-major cities of India where semester/annual examinations are normally organized every year in May/December. Board is planning to open study examination centers for foreigners and non-resident Indians in various parts of the world. Aims of Board : This also imparts education to down trodden & backwards at concessional fee. Board also fulfills the aims of vocational & educational right of Indian constitution 1950 under Article 14, 15, 19(1), 21, 26, 29, 30, 45, 46 & 351.