Access to Justice Human Rights for all, Promoting Education & Research on Human Rights

governors OF HRDO (India)


      We are the Non Govt. Organaziation who are working individually or with others, acts to promote prvention,protection,education of resources and developments of human rights. We call our self Human rights defenders and we act peacefully for the promotion and protection of those rights. Human rights defenders are those men and women who act peacefully for the promotion and protection of those rights, and most of this activity happens within a nation as opposed to internationally.

      Our mission is fight agaist the human right violation. In efforts to eliminate violations of human rights, building awareness and protesting inhumane treatment has often led to calls for action and sometimes improved conditions.

HRDO Board Member List

Sr.No Name Designation
1 Adv.Anil D.Mhalaskar ( B.A.LLB ) Founder and Chairman
2 Mr.Basappa S.Koli Vice Chairman
3 Mr.Sunil.K.Ubale General Secretory
4 Mr.Dilipji Deharkar Retired DRI
5 Mr.Vinod Survse Vice Director
6 Mr.Naresh P.Anand Secretory Maharashtra & Executive Board Member
7 Mr.Balasaheb B.Raykar National Public Relation Officer & Executive Board Member
8 Mr.Kishor Pujari Chairman Maharashtra & Executive Board Membe.
9 Mrs.Nalinitai B.Shinde Chairman Maharashtra (Female) Women & Child Protection Welfare Committee
10 Mr.Harishchandra G.Gaikwad Vice President Senior Citizen Cell Maharashtra & Board Member
11 Mr.Mangalsingh S.Katariya Vice President Maharashtra & Board Member
12 Mr.Yatin H.Palkar Vice President Maharashtra & Board Member
13 Mrs.Shobha Bagul Vice Chairman Maharashtra (Female) Women & Child Protection Welfare Committee


1. Door to door promotion of human rights and create value about human right and there guide line given united nation. We do various awareness program on various issues with the support of our govt. Bodies.
2. To file the cases against dispute of human rights & there protection in concern court under co-corporation of state & national human rights governors
3. Help/enquiry to custodial crime, detention, police atrocities, fake encounter, torture, cruelty, inhuman treatment, labour dispute exploitation, wages accident, compensation / child labour. To prevent escape of tax judiciary administrative corruption of banking or central / state dept. Corruption , enquire cell – to prevent anti working sexual exploitation, sale discrimination against women, girls provide protection to minority cell
4.Labour organized to unorganized labour to available facility from govt. To protection, relief, redressal of payment compensation legal.
5.To established national development agency promoted through Niti Ayog. To the implementation of the national development plan of education.
6.To promote Hindi language & other language nationally established governors. To conduct examination through this governors & issue degree level certificate for promoting Hindi languages nationally &internationally. To established b school imparting quality& global curricula privately.
7.Education providing, give affiliation to schools & colleges, opening & give authorization to regional centers, appointments of state coordinator & other office bearers etc., providing of training, entertainment, sporting & cultural activities, setting of different boards, establish and providing correspondence courses, educational information, examinations, vocational education & training, development, placement, consultancy in the field of education and allied activities. Setting private (autonomous) board, governors established for the purpose conduct “public examination” means an secondary and higher secondary certificate examination conduct & Autonomous courses, skilled based courses, typing courses designed by governors it and the certification are given by the governors itself, to education programs admit student, conduct examination and issue mark sheet & certificate .the governors/organization run formal and non formal self-employment education programmed only. To educate under privileged and poor children and provide learning materials and other required stationeries. Also to develop education & their various branches and systems, to conduct meetings, awards and seminars, workshops and training camps for the development of education in various parts of the society.
8. To run ashram school and establish computer training institute & establish computer governors / board to provide certificate diploma course.
9. A. To mandate for human rights education.
B. To observe the human rights in society and to spread human rights literacy among various sections of society and promote awareness of the safeguards available for the protection of these rights through publications the media seminars and other available means.
C. To undertake and promote research in the field of human rights.
10. To help, provide educate train, rehabilitate & nurture for social upliftment of all the people of all the caste, race, relation including blind, deaf dumb, widow & destitute.
11. To educate under privileged and poor children and provide learning materials and other required stationeries.
12. To educate the community for better living.
13. To prepare educational material and disseminate the collected information in multiple languages.
14. To develop and conduct courses in gerontology and elderly medicine for medical, Para-medical and other health discipline.
15. To implement various Govt. Schemes as per their rules regarding education.
16. To implement various educational projects in the high school & college students.
17. Also to develop education & their various branches and systems.
18. Also to start various educational in Arts, Science, Commerce & professional courses in Rural and Urban area of Pune City, Pune District and State of Maharashtra.
19. To undertake various development projects in all branches and of various education in rural and urban areas of various cities in State of Maharashtra.
20. To undertake various programmes of education to poor brilliant students in rural as well as in urban areas.
21. To conduct meetings and seminars, workshops and training camps for the development of education in various parts of the society.
22. To implement various educational projects / programmes / camps in pre primary high Schools /Jr. Colleges/Sr. Colleges / Technical institutions/Engineering Colleges/Management Polytechnic Colleges / Medical & Paramedical Colleges / other branches of education.
23. Also to attempt for eradication of unemployment and to suggest and implement various helpful schemes for students who have successfully completed education.
24. All such other programmes and schemes of education which are not specifically mentioned above will be organized by the society.
25. To open Schools, Colleges, Nursery, Balwadi, Upper K.G., Lower K.g., D.Ed., B.Ed. Engineering, Agriculture, Medical, Management, Law Courses and other Vocational Educational Institute.
26. To create certificate course in different fields, conduct examinations for it and provide certification for the same.
27.To collaborate with other government and NGO health agencies to use, conserve and utilize resources for betterment of learning & living standard.
28. To carry out services relating to human resource development.
29. To plan and start models for community and environment development.
30. To undertake the work of charity and service.
31. To implement various state as well as Central Govt. schemes as per their rules regarding education and privateinstitutions/ public/ pvt. Co.undertakings co's counselling/training and guidance facilities/ schemes regarding education.
32. To create funds Pvt./Govt./ State Govt/ NGO/ Other fund agencies/ Institution/ Colleges/ High Schools/ Primary Schools/ ITI/Polytechin/ B/ Ed. College/ Medical Colleges/Eng. Colleges/Finance agencies / Banks/ Sponcerers & such other agencies who has faith in aims & objectives of this trust.
33. To provide Hostel facilities / mess facilities / poor boy’s fund facilities / library facilities / sports gymkhana facility / entertainment or common room facilities for students & common people.
34. To uplift the downtrodden poor students scholarship facilities of Central/State/ other Pvt. Institution/ Scholarship to make available for them.
35. To celebrate National festivals as well as all National leaders’ birth and death.
36. To facilitate blood donation camps and to help poor student by supply of free books and notebooks.
37. To organize awareness generation camps as well as providing guidance and advice from the various experts in all educational fields as well as physical education.
38. To use multi sartorial approach for improvement of women’s life and strengthen their capacities for self-development and to protect their rights.
39. To improve reproductive health of women.
40. To implement various education projects for women to help dropout female students for further education and thereby to help the women to make aware of their duties and rights and their participation in social and economical development of the nation.
41. To run awareness programmes for girls & woman for their social upliftment.
42. To establish children home, destitute home, woman hostel, working women hostel, working means hostel, girls school old age home etc.
43. To conduct the programmes for Aids awareness & help in the management of it’s treatment & rehabilitation of within family.
44.Help the poor section of the society for raising funds for chronic disease like cancer diabetes, heart diseases, thalesemia multiple sclerosis Transplantations of different organs etc & such other help as needed.
45. To help strategically during the natural calamity like, earthquake, flood, famine or economical distress and alcoholics.
46. To arrange for treatment education & rehabilitation of drug addicts or chronic alcoholics.
47. To start care centers for blind handicapped, mentally, challenged, deaf & dumb & for their education.
48. To start charitable hospital, diagnostic centre, pathology lab, x-ray centre.
49. To make awareness of health education.
50. To help Govt. organization in various programmes related to health, education, employment industrialization & such other objective which may suitable or in harmony with the other object of the society.
51. To improve health status of the community.
52. To assist in capacity building of older people.
53. To protect and develop the rights of children (future citizen).
54.To educate under privileged and poor children and provide learning materials and other required stationeries.
55. To take part in clean India project.